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Vinaficio was created, in order to open for wineries a larger market. As a European sales platform we have the goal of eliminating cross-border sales barriers for our members.

With Vinaficio buyers get direct access to winegrowers. Wine is an important pillar of the European culture, and more and more consumer wish to buy products that reflect the individuality of the producer. With Vinaficio wine lovers looking for special and individual products in contrast to products they can find on supermarket shelves can get easy access to these products directly from the winery, with the help of Vinaficio. Vinaficio provides its members with an order form which they implement on their website. A simple link is enough and winegrowers get the full service portfolio for a large European market. This is more than any website solution can provide today.

Due to laws, regulations and other administrative burdens in the different European countries it is nearly impossible for winegrowers to supply customers in other countries. A tourist who bought products when visiting one of our members might like to order more at a later time. For small and medium sized wineries the bureaucratic hurdles are likely too big and they will not be able to respond to customer inquiries or orders from other countries. Vinaficio connects producers and buyers. We build bridges over the administrative barriers, so that producers of wine can grow and European consumers receive direct access to these producers and their products.

Our services:
  1. We provide our members with the order form through which buyers can order products.
  2. We provide the payment solution offering credit card and PayPal payments.
  3. We declare taxes and excise duties in the country where the buyer lives.
  4. We then pay those taxes and duties and the wines will travel safely and in full compliance with legal requirements to the buyer.
  5. And we can also handle the transport, unless our members prefer to handle shipping themselves.