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Frequently Asked Questions
 When will the wine I ordered be delivered?
 The delivery time can take from just a few days up to a few weeks, depending on certain factors. As Vinaficio is working with independent winegrowers, i.e. smaller and medium sized wineries where the owner is also responsible for the vineyard and cellar management, it may sometimes take more time to prepare the shipment. Each shipment will depart from the respective winery from which the wine is ordered and the winegrower has to prepare the shipment/parcel. A delay may occur in case the winegrower is not at his winery for a couple of days or has a lot of other work at a specific moment as it can be the case during harvesting period. Vinaficio clears all wine shipments with the customs authorities in the country in which the buyer is located, i.e. where the wines are shipped to, and in some countries the clearing process takes longer, which may also lead to a delay. In any case, Vinaficio will do its utmost to keep you informed on the delivery process.
 How is the price I have to pay for the ordered products calculated?
 The price you can see on the website is a price excluding taxes or excise duties. This is necessary because taxes and excise duties vary from one country to another and have to be calculated on the basis of the taxes and excise duties applicable in the country of delivery. When you choose products and move them to your shopping cart you will see the applicable price including taxes and excise duties calculated on the basis of the delivery destination that you provided. Before checking out and before confirming your order and getting to the payment page you will see the total price including taxes, excise duties, delivery charges and other fees that might apply. There will be no hidden costs. 
 Does the price I pay include all charges or are there any hidden costs?
 The price that you pay includes all costs and charges. There are no hidden costs.
 Will taxes or excise duties be paid by Vinaficio or do I have to deal with customs and tax authorities?
 If you are a private buyer and order wine or any other alcoholic product from another country (e.g. you are a buyer from Belgium and you order wine from France) excise duties and VAT must be paid in the country of delivery (in our example this would be Belgium). Vinaficio will declare all wines in the country of delivery and pay VAT and excise duties. As a private buyer you don't need to contact your customs or tax authorities. Vinaficio takes care of these administrative processes.
 Can I return the ordered products?
 Yes, you can return goods purchased within 14 days from delivery, without penalty, for an exchange or refund excluding delivery charges. The goods you want to return must be directly returned to the producer. Should the products not be returned directly to the producer you will have to pay any additional costs that may arise. The costs for returning the goods are to be paid by you. Vinaficio will provide you with a refund, excluding any transport and delivery charges as well as other charges or fees that have occurred in the order or return process. The refund will be processed by Vinaficio within two weeks of receipt of the returned goods by the producer. For security reasons and as a precaution against breakage, customers who intend to return wine or other liquids must return the bottles in the cardboard boxes in which the bottles were delivered to them.