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What we can do for you:

offer your wines to customers in several European countries,
including the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and many others

we will take care of the payment process via our secured payment gateway
enabling payments with credit cards and via PayPal

through our unique VAT and excise network we will declare taxes and duties in the country where the buyer is,
thus implementing a process that follows legal requirements

we will then pay the taxes and duties in the country where the buyer is

you can either handle the transport yourself or we can do it for you with our logistics partners

Register and benefit of the full service package

for only 15 € per month excl. VAT
(180 € per year excl. VAT)

Find all details concerning pricing and commission under Terms & Conditions

Compare this price to traditional webshop solutions which cost around 30 € per month
and don't provide features such as VAT and excise handling