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FAQs – for winegrowers and sellers via the Vinaficio platform
Vinaficio was founded in order to open a wider market to European winegrowers. Our aim is to diminish for our members the administrative burdens connected with selling wine cross-border in Europe. In addition, we want to facilitate the sales process, including marketing or logistics.

Our offer to you:
  • You present yourself and your products via the Vinaficio platform to customers in a wider market than your own home country
  • You administer your shop on Vinaficio, set the prices for your products and the sales conditions
  • We handle the payment process with the buyers of your products
  • With our logistics partner we make sure that your products reach the buyer quickly and safely
  • We will help you with the administrative tasks when it comes to cross-border shipments (VAT, excise duties)
How does Pricing work on Vinaficio
Winegrowers will define their own price for each product they sell via the Vinaficio platform, excluding taxes, transport or any other fees. To these prices Vinaficio will add all taxes or duties, transport and delivery costs and, if applicable in some countries, administration fees. The total amount will be shown to our customers who want to buy your products.

Once your products are ordered and we receive payment we will pay the transport provider, we will take care of the payment of taxes and duties in case the wine is shipped to another country and we will transfer to your account the amount as indicated by you for the respective product, after deduction of our commission. Payment fees that will be applied in case of payment by, for example, credit card will be covered by Vinaficio.

Shipping requirements
Since shipping is one of the most important and sensitive elements of the process, certain requirements need to be met. These conditions reflect the quality objectives Vinaficio is aiming for.

All products will be shipped by our transport partner DPD. DPD uses its own wine packaging/cartons that guarantee maximum safety and insurance. Winegrowers must use these cartons when they sell wine over the Vinaficio platform. The easiest way of getting these cartons is to order them directly from Henne, the producer of these cartons. Cartons are available in sizes for 6, 12 and 18 bottles. Prices will depend on the mix of cartons you use when ordering one palette or more and your location. When ordering please indicate that you are a Vinaficio member which entitles you to a special discounted price.

Please also note that when defining your sales conditions on your Vinaficio store you can define a minimum order amount. This means that you could, for example, define a minimum order quantity of 12 or 18 bottles and incremental steps to this quantity. 

Once an order is received we will inform you on the order and the ordered products and we will at the same time inform DPD. DPD will arrange the pick-up time with you and you only need to prepare the packages before they are picked up.