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RegionVins de France
Colour White
Variety Chenin Blanc
Alcohol 11.5%
Closure Cork
Size 50 cl
Nose & TasteSoft notes of the Chenin grape, harvested at well advanced ripeness. Sweet wine with characteristics of yellow fruit and pineapple. Fresh and fruity it will be perfect as an aperitif or with a pear charlotte cake.
Goes Well WithPerfect as an aperitif or with a pear charlotte cake.
OtherServe fresh and cool.
Only in bottles of 50 cl.
sugar: 35g
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Mélodie Domaine Coirier

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Since 1895 the Coirier family operates the family vineyards in Pissotte. The river Vendée runs along at the slopes of the vineyards that extend over 24ha, close to the Mervent-Vouvant forest. The argilo-silicious soil gives the wines their characteristic aromas. One can see that tradition comes alive in this familiy winery where the know-how is handed down from father to son along 'tradition, bal... Read full story