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The creation of a customer account with Vinaficio requires the customer to provide a certain amount of personal data. The information required to process orders and manage communications with customers is stored on a secure and confidential basis.

Vinaficio obligates itself to use and electronically store the data of its customers (name, address, method of payment) for the processing of the received purchase contracts and for the purpose of customer information only. In particular, the transfer of customer data to third parties (e.g. parcel service or financial institutions) takes place for the purpose of fulfillment of the contract exclusively.

As soon as the above mentioned purpose for the data storage has ceased to exist the customer has the right to access the data related to him/her at any time and to have them changed or deleted (via his/her personal online account). Vinaficio will observe all legal data protection requirements. The customer agrees to the storage and transfer of his personal data within the scope described above. Security with the methods of payment (e.g. credit card, direct debit) and the protection of these data is especially important to Vinaficio. All systems in which we store customer data are password protected and accessible to a controlled close circle of persons only.